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Jun. 24th, 2009 09:52 am
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In the past week, I have:
watched The Education of Charlie Banks (okayish),
watched Rainbow Song (mehh),
watched I Love You Man (hahaha),
watched Milk (faaantastic!),
blazed through 11 episodes of Eden of the East (favourite anime of 2009 thus far),
laughed my way through 4 episodes of Family Outing,
grin throughout at least 20 hours of 2PM youtube videos,
vegetated before 3 episodes of Star King,
did a Physical Chem test and failed it terribly,
mucked through a grand total of not more than ten hours of studying.

Sometimes, I feel like smashing the reflection in the mirror to bits. And now, a chapter into Chem, I wonder why I ever chose to do these subjects anyway. Slacker 4 lyfee. I don't want to face the world; I don't want to face reality; this is the generation of NEETs. Leave me to live as a hikkikomori please. Sidenote: 500th entry, whoo.

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The past week has been tiring. Managed to leave school before the sun set only one day out five. I'm going to die of Vitamin D deficency. The rest of the days were spent on Project Work, more PW, trainings, YEC tech run and Open Day painting sessions. But it was a life that buzzed busily with productivity, which left me satisfied so I can't complain much. YEC gave the chance to talk more to people I wasn't particularly close to, like Sheryl, Daniel and Mindy. The tech run was hella fun, what with Sheryl's crazy-high Indian dance, the exchanges of information hem-hem, climbing up the steel grid, Dian Feng's impersonations of a certain teacher and so on. The actual event was more of then same. Was planted in the canteen, along with Mindy and Molina. Played silly games (think, different laughing styles, staring competition) as we punched the tickets, doled out credits and distributed the freebies. It was interesting to observe people. Eventually, we all separated and Jasmine came! Whoah, haven't seen her in quite some time. She's the same outgoing, hilarious and abitembarrassing (:D) girl, albeit much much prettier now. Man, I missed her laughter aha. Went up to the hall with Tiffany, Jasmine and Claire later. It was a rather sad state of affairs but.. yeah. Then clean up, home and sleep. I'm a boring girl like that.

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Oh, there was training today by Mr Shyam. It was tiring, to say the least. I'm sorry for being such a disappointment. I will push harder, run more, catch up. You've got my word. Aja aja hwwaiting! Time for Family Outing love now, tata. Speaking of love, please check out 盧廣仲's 100種生活! He has a kickass falsetto, nice voice and a couldn't-care-less nerdy-chic style. Plus, a huge dorky grin a la Daesung. There's much to love. :)
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Gintama 120 gave me the best laugh I have had all week. Which was not to say that my days were humourless but, seeing as the weekend was consumed by WR, that statement is not far off from the truth. Katsura, Baka Oji, Madao, Gintoki and company, how I have missed your companionship. What was especially priceless was the scene when the badass bald guy slammed into the wall, slid down to the conveyor belt and started flinging plates out of the way, all the while keeping an intense glare on Kondo and Hijikata. HAHAHAHAHA. I can't get enough of it. *~Love&Peace~* HAHA.

Code Geass R2 was thrilling, as usual. One more episode to go before the curtains come down on Lelouch, Suzaku, the Black Knights and the whole justice/oppression,existence/living,past/present/future shinding that I only half-comprehend. Convoluted stories are not for me. It requires too much effort.

And it kind of sucks to be misunderstood all the time. But it's okay, really. I'd rather be misunderstood than misunderstand. Guilt is too troublesome an emotion to compartmentalise.

Ah ni meh

Dec. 29th, 2007 05:26 am
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I have been caught in anime recently, mainly Baccano, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Kateikyo Hitman Reborn and Code Geass. Baccano, I have already posted about. YNSH was really funny. Chibi Nakahara Sunako is win. So is the normal-sized version of her heh. It was light, fluffy, entertaining and I enjoyed it. KHR was okay. Managed to watch up to E7 before giving up. It was my second attempt at the series. My interest was REBORN! recently because I saw alot of pretty KHR character icons (like Hibari!) but Tsunayoshi is such a loser that he irks me whenever he appears. He is so spineless and cowardly! How many times must he hesitate before springing to action? And how many times must he rely on the Dying Will bullet to save his own ass?? I can't stand his mother too- the spacey schtick wears thin quickly. Lambo-san is adorable though. So is I-Pin. But enough was enough, so I gave up. Unlike KHR however, is Code Geass. After 9 episodes, the show has bowled me over. The newest fandom has arrived in town.

Code Geass )

Anyway, other than anime, I have been doing little else. Oh, I keep eating too, which is really bad. Went to school for football again today. The state of our fitness was despairing to witness. Took a little tour around the school compound after that. Nope, I still don't feel any pangs of sadness. Nostalgia, maybe. 5 more days to the start of JC. Ambivalence. Time to watch Code Geass now, up, up and away!
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I just finished Baccano upon the recommendation of my brother and he is right, it is an outrageously fun series! It was stuffed full with action and fast sequences that made it heart-thumping to watch. The jumping timelines (1930, 1931, 1932) and colliding plots- the hostage crisis on board the train Flying Pussyfoot is seen from 8 different POVs- made the initial episodes utterly confusing but so absorbing and riveting. You just couldn't turn your eyes away from the show, because you'd miss some character or hint of foreshadowing. The characters were immense joy to watch too. There were so many of them- at least 17 characters were introduced in the opening songs and they each had their unique kink which made them essential to the story. I think that Baccano has one of the best villain cast too. They were simply fascinating to watch, especially Ladd Russo, Vino and Czeslaw. They were perverse and cunning, with a twisted set of morals, but they still had morals and a shard of humanity. Of course, the show wasn't all twisted, even with the amount of blood and violence shown. How can it be when Isaac and Miria are part of the main cast?? :D

バッカーノ! )

Wow wow, I didn't know I had so much to talk about Baccano. Heheh, guess it's one of the series that makes an impact. Hoohoo, I'm hungry. Time for breakfast, terra.


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