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I missed the countdown to 2012 last night. We had a splendid view of the skyline,- a stippling of chromatic lights upon an inky-black canvas- but we missed it anyway. Sensei Flower was supporting his mother down the stairs, while Ah Da, JJ, and Gus hovered behind unhelpfully. As they tottered gingerly into the room, there was a sudden psychedelic blaze of sparks in the sky. There was a collective gasp of wonderment, mixed in with a little bit of... regret? It IS hard to say goodbye to time, seeing the hours burn up before your very eyes, careening at 360km/h in 360 degrees and disappearing as fast as they had exploded into your consciousness. But that was how 2011 ended: unexpectedly, abruptly, and staring at the backs of people that I had long etched on the back of my eyelids. There was even a whiff of annoyance as I jostled with the rest for a prime viewing spot by the window (all the better to take pictures from. What does it say about my generation that requires our days to end up as photos?) It was unassuming, it was understated, and for that to have been most of my year was something that I really appreciated. From here on: the annual summary of dazed days.

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the oats we sow )

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2009 is well and truly over now. It has been.. quite a year. There was always something to be done, and for most of the time, they were not done until the very last moment, which resulted in more than a few close shaves and heart attacks. It sure made life then more exciting, until I realised (too late) that these mistakes may result in a tepid existence in the future, but oh well, that will be for me to decide. :)

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Okay, too lazy to think anymore. Time to sleep or play Sims haha. Tataaa.
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There is only about one hour left of 2008. It has been a heck of a ride.

2008 in 5 minutes )

Because it is hard to encapsulate the essence of a year lived in short paragraphs, I shall stop attempting to do so. After all, I have over 120 posts to fall back on, should my memory malfunction at some point. Besides, facing forward should be the way to go from here on. Resolutions: #1 actually do homework and study, damnit; #2 stick to my guns and articulate; #3 believe in belief. Ten minutes before the grand old dame is out the door. Till another time then, and have a happy new year! :)
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31st December has finally rolled around. Everybody seems to be compiling a summarative post about 2007 so I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon.

2007 )

Okay, that was a really brief summary of 2007. I don't really need to do this, I just realized. After all, I have all my other entries to fall back on. A year can't be described in one post. Add that my brain is not wired for philosophy and nostalgia now. I is not making sense hmm. Hokay then I shall go off for some Code Geass now. OH and did you hear? There's a new S3 class called DIGNITY. DY for short. I can just imagine the motto already: DIY with DY- Do It Yourself with DIGNITY! \o/ Hahaha, not funny, no? Ah well. Till next year then..


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