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Aug. 28th, 2010 02:51 am
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And so, it is Friday yet again. Quite surprisingly, today is the end of Week 3. I have been taking things slow and easy for the past fortnight, and it feels pretty damn nice to blank out on a bus that brings you to areas that were once so familiar to you, with the raindrops dancing down the window-panes. I reverted to my hermit-like ways for a couple of days last week, racing through a fluffy adorable Korean drama (Personal Taste) and skipping a lecture for the first time in the process. Sorry esteemed professor, but Lee Minho's smile+dimples combo demands to be appreciated. Finished up another Korean drama (Prosecutor Princess) this week, and that was really worth the 16 hours of dedicated watching! The plot was solid, the characters were full and flawed, and the interactions between the two leads (In Woo and Hye Ri) were so adorable that my toes kept curling up in squiggles of delight. Ok, weird analogy, but yeah. Along the way, I caught up with Hotaru no Hikari 2, the MatsuJun drama with the unwieldy name, JOKER and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho as well. This is the reason why, despite just fifteen hours of school per week, I still manage to lag behind on all my readings. I am a cool leopard like that. Hahahaha, so screweddd.

the two weeks in greater -boring- detail.. )

Two weeks, just like that. Nowadays, facebook is flooded with status updates of having last nights in Singapore and how beautiful the weather is in a land three thousand miles away. I cannot say that I am not envious. Oh, I am, more than I would ever like to admit. New country, new university, new friends... a new life! It is times like these when the sharp contrasts between what could have been and what actually is, between here and there, between them and me cut straight to the bone. But status quo is alright; it is good actually. I have more than enough to be happy about. This is my path, and one day, it will lead me to where the rest of the world spreads out, fan-like and panoramic, before my eyes that hungers to memorise everything, because they have waited too long.

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And before you know it, July rolls around once again, knocking temperamental June out of the way. There is something hopeful and depressing about July all at the same time. Hopeful, because there are still six glorious months before the next year. Depressing, because, well, six months have flown past just like that, Addamsfamily*snapsnap*. My long-awaited-for Japan trip took its own sweet time to arrive, but streaked past in a blur. My nineteenth birthday came and went, and nope, the anticipated enlightenment did not arrive and I am still as lost as ever. My university application has finally been settled, so hello there NUS for the next three or four years. First experiences, milestones, big decisions: everything seems so mild and diluted by the fluidity of time. Or maybe it is just my heart stiffening inside, like veiny leather from a lack of use. Either way, life seems underwhelming, unimpressive and un...wow when aided with the lofty view of hindsight. But during the days itself, it was a different story altogether.

Japan 2010 )

And because it is late, and because I am tired, this entry shall end awkwardly with an excerpt from the book I'm currently reading: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I love talk-y, ramble-y books with sentences that go on and on and on and Oskar breaks my heart every single time. Till another time!

rising sun

May. 1st, 2009 03:12 pm
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Just some interesting and funny pictures I found while trawling cyberspace recently.. Yes, this is how I waste my time online, but you gotta admit that Japanese housewives are genius. More can be seen HERE.



Plus, this commercial is adorable. I can't get enough of Katamari :)
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This is the carefree life I have been waiting for all year. Sleeping at 8am, waking up at 5pm, having dinner for breakfast, playing Theme Hospital to while away the time, writing the crappy story just for kicks, rewatching Heroes with my sister while giving her the chuai I-know-what's-gonna-happen-next expression, watching shows on tudou.com throughout the night, getting to stay at home all day with no need to socialise. Guess I'm a hikikomori at heart heh. Of course, this lifestyle can't continue forever. I wouldn't want it to anyway. It is too unstimulating, unchallenging, uninspiring, unalotofthings. But for now, it is perfect. Dragon Zakura was average. The premise was interesting but the episodes floundered in terms of pace. Heck, there was YAMAPI though, *KON!*. Heroes II had me going "AKIRA SHOCKKKU!" in many a part. It is still an engaging show to watch, exciting and tightly-knit. I should know, I blazed through 5 episodes at one go. And because I love Zachary Quinto so much (okay, not love, I'm just curious), I started on So NoTORIous as well. Can you imagine the ruthless, cruel Sylar being the flamboyant gay Sasan!? Hahaha. The show turned out surprisingly funny so I'll probably continue with it. There are so many films I want to watch too! I listed down at least 20 shows, with The King and Byousoku 5cm being of utmost priority. There are so many things I want to do but for now, I really need to get into my bed, put on my earphones, listen to Pearl Kyoudai and drift off to sleep. Yeah man, I managed to unearth a mp3 player from the depths of clutter in my house. (^_^)v Hahaha. Till another time then.
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Five things:

1) My mother bought HWANG JIN YI! I have been wanting to watch it since June but never had pockets deep enough to fork out money for it. Nor was I willing to subject the show's rich colours go to waste on small grainy screens. More imperial drama to enjoy, mwaha.

2) L strikes again! The one from Death Note, remember? The lovable guy, always clad in a long-sleeved white shirt, blue jeans and no socks, who had a cute queer way of holding things and sitting and loved his sugar, is back. It's called 『L change the WorLd』, and it is will be released in Japan on 2008.2.9- that is 9th February and 3 months away. I can't wait for this spin-off. It is apparently about the last 21 days of L. Check out the official website for the teaser promo videos!

3) Graduation is tomorrow, prom is on Monday. )

4) This is related to #2. Matsuyama Ken'ichi is acting with Aoi Yuu in Don't Laugh At My Romance! It will interesting to see them together. It comes out on 19th January, waha, a shorter wait. Apparently, he also acted in Linda Linda Linda, which I gave up on after watching 1/3 of it. This time, I will persevere. After all, I have all the time in the world heh. Definitely going to watch the drama Sexy Voice and Robo as well. Mwahaha.

5) Organizing things is very sian man. )


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