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It was a noisy night, just the way that I had remembered it. There was a palpable boisterousness in the atmosphere. Such days were a dime a dozen before, but when it happens now, it sure is worth its weight in gold. Because when you grow up, you grow taller and begin to see the tens and hundreds of paths sprawling away from your little cottage-house, like lava trails flanking the sunken caldera. You realise how fortuitous it was to be incarnated in this very time, this very place. Maybe it is the internalisation of PAP's policies that posit families as the building blocks of society (that readings love to critique as manipulations by our paternalistic state blah blah), but such nights were meant to be carefully folded in lily-scented handkerchiefs, to be unwrapped and sighed over when the night-time blues swashes in. Prior annoyances at forgoing a nice dinner with a subsequent karaoke session (my only ticket to late nights out, the blasphemy!) quickly dissipated, when it was three of us at the dining table, making fun of each other and comparing the sizes of our bloated bellies. Reigning champion speaking, thank ayou very amuchy. Then, the brother and the parents crowded around, drawn by the hub-bub. We moved on to Catherine, the crazily difficult and mentally exhausting game that Gus loves to play. Efforts at sabotaging, pulling blocks here, cat-fights between the characters there, ostentatious celebrating inyerface everywhere, outsmarting sometimes, doing stupid things other times- it is always nice to laugh to tears and have your stomach hurt and cheeks ache from mirthful vibrations. Moved on to watching shows after, and hence, complementary snacking habits + synchronised swooning over Blaine from Glee + musing about Phil resembling somebody that we know. The sun nearly rose by the time we slept, but anything for old times right? Sunday afternoon, that was when things settled back into its well-worn pattern, so adieu adieu, and tucking away of the hanky into the corner of the warmest pillow. It will be another two months? Hmm. I wonder how next year is going to pan out.

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It has been nearly two weeks since the end of finals. And what a wonderful fortnight it has been. The Cheongs lead insanely exciting lives. On a typical weekday night, you would witness my brother slaying dragons on the PS3, as my sister and I battle it out for the computer, because we both have an imaginary kingdom to rule. On even more adrenaline-pumping nights, we would sit behind silver screens and ogle+goggle+giggle at adorable tufts of fur and dimpled gurgles. That is how time should be spent right? With people you love, doing the little things that you enjoy. Weaseling out of cumbersome outings to catch a (free) movie and ponder about the source of its popularity (Thor. Granted, Loki was magnetic.) Or walk around Orchard with nothing to do and wanting to do everything, and stumbling across a gorgeous shop, with rows and rows of vintage toys and ludicrously painted paperweights. Or simply, hovering over the other's shoulder, commenting about the city layout in Emperor or instinctual high fives when Mongo the next Dogwoggle levelled up to be Level 16 Paladin, with Grandmaster Archery. I am a homebody through and through.

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Tired of typing and itching for some kingdom-ruling. Had my first day as a phone surveyor yesterday, and I am hoping that it would be the last. If my other applications don't work out, I'd be content to be cooped at home, catching up with reading. Then again, I should earn some money. Decisions, decisions, we'll leave them to later, as always. Going to be without Internet for the next two weeks, because I am hoping that good karma will be equivalent to good CAP and will be lending it to my brother as he traipses around Japan. So long, farewell, till June.

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Feb. 26th, 2011 01:52 am
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Recess week began last Wednesday evening for me, but to date, I have only gone through four readings. My ability to do nothing continues to amaze me. In essence, it has been a wonderful week, curling up at home, with my trusty (and crusty hurrhurr) laptop and the skies grey and notsoblue. I could do well as recluse, or a hikikomori. The last time I stepped out of my house was on... Monday afternoon? Hahaha, but how could I leave when Sungkyungkwan Scandal, with its panoramic cinematography, stirring music and I save the best for last- JALGEUM QUARTET-, was waiting for me online. Even though there were streaming difficulties, ie forever side-eyeing Dailymotion and its instability, it was a wonderful twenty-odd hours agonising over, cheering for, and giggling at the trials and tribulations of four teenagers in the Joseon era. Add the classic cross-dresser in an all-male boarding school, three (THREE!) cute/adorable/swoon-worthy male leads to the mix, and you got a potent potion, enough to knock any cynical and world-weary fangirl off her feet clad in winged Jeremy Scott sneakers. It was a good drama, though an even better one when one is supplemented with the forward button. Every time scheming!parents or bumbling!officials appeared onscreen, one knew that Shit was embarking on a serpentine path to meet Fan, so the impatient one could conveniently fast-forward to see implosion of fecal matter in all its speckled glory. What made the series stand out were the characters and their growth throughout the series. Because I am on the run from readings, and because facebook has long ceased to be interesting, I shall indulge myself in a pointless prattle about Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Yay. Oh, I am so exhausted by the exciting happenings in my life!

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Okay, time to start on some readings now! Why is 1500 words so easy to hit when you're not writing essays for school? Sometimes I wish that there was a Cultural Studies major that I could do. My mind is primed for commercialism, for masked frivolity (okay, maybe real), not for weighty issues like, do democracies contribute to peace? Then, I read Yoo Ah In's interview and I am inspired to work hard, because nothing comes easy. It is the struggle that is delectable, that makes one feel alive. Who doesn't want things to be relaxing? But would skating through life make me happy? Sigh. Nearing twenty, but still as clueless as ever. What I know, however, is that information/knowledge is powerful. The selectivity of revelation, the timing, the manipulation, the framing: all of it can make and shake events. That is what I'm highly interested in. But what would that make me? Hmmm... listening to "Kiss and Tell" by The Black Skirts isn't really helping, because I feel like bopping my head and dancing around. And that... is exactly what I will do now. Bye!
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It is nearly four in the morning and I am supposed to be slogging away at PS essay. Instead, I spent three hours watching 2ne1tv and another hour looking up Lee Hyuk Soo images on tumblr. I sure know how to waste my time. But oh goodness, 2ne1's It Hurts MV was something that I have not quite seen before. Judging from the comments on omtd, many people hated it, or disliked how the MV concept did not seem to fit the jazzy ballad song. But I thought the two melded perfectly. Melancholic, desolate and haunting, isn't that what lost love, or love that faded and flickered away, feels like? I loved how everything in the MV was exquisite and lustrous. From the lush outfits, to the quietly dramatic make-up, to the striking hair-colours and hair-styles, to the gothic decor of the cobwebbed attic, to the dreary dying yard. There was a Tim Burton-esque feel that made it feel so listless and poignant. Okay, I'm gushing a little too much here. Hahaha, time for a picture spam!

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Okay, better catch some sleep before starting on the essayyyyy. Bah.


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