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Apr. 18th, 2010 01:56 pm
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My arms and neck are aching; my voice is half-gone; going to a Mayday concert can be such wear-and-tear on your body. HAHA. But damn, it was good fun. Going crazy, bopping and hopping madly to the beat, how many times can you completely let loose yet look perfectly normal while doing it? Supper was great as well.

The most important fact that I realised is that you just cannot force things. HJ’s wise saying “got fate means got fate” actually makes plenty of sense, despite the questionable grammar. Haha. We will see how the events unfold. Meanwhile, I shall loll around somewhere and listen to jazz. I have a new and odd affection for 1960s jazz now.

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May. 18th, 2009 11:23 pm
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I suddenly feel the urge to read Prep all over again. It has been at least a couple of years since I last touched that book. Oh, the extent of how much I loved it before,- polishing it off cover to cover before sleeptimes, during mealtimes, after waketimes,- I wanted to live and breathe (as) Lee Fiora. Kinda funny to look back now. But, the truths and realities reflected in the book are still as relevant as ever. A couple of quotes have a way of niggling in and sticking in your head, especially my favourite: "I always worried someone would notice me, and then when no one did, I felt lonely." Simple but resounding, and c'mon, putyahandsup if you have felt that way before. And now, it is a forest of flesh-coloured stumps aha.

to you and to you. )

Does this sound like verbal vomit? Aha well, because it really is. It is day one into a new honesty policy that was stitched together uh at the start of this post. Time to attend to My Queen, 敗犬女王, the new sinfully trashy Taiwanese drama I really shouldn't be watching. Oh whatevsss, till then. And yes, I do realise how flighty and airbrained this post is. But whaddyu know anyway? :)
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I have been reduced to a motionless lump before a flickering monitor. 应该是命中注定我愛《命中注定我愛你》吧。Hahaha. 抱歉,超冷的笑话。好久没打中文字了。好怀念。我刚刚才发现深夜是听歌的最佳时间。我的国语太逊了啦。Haha anyways, I can't seem to tear myself away from 命中注定我愛你. It's not that great. The jokes barely pass muster, the plot seems to be pieced from leftovers of earlier dramas. Even the characters and dialogue reek of unoriginality. But somehow, it is all stirred together to give a fairly potent concoction of romance, daydreams and fairytales. 紀存希 and Dylan神父~~ 糟了,两方我也喜欢,我也全力支持,我也想要,哈哈。若前者能对陈欣怡真心一点,若后者能多帅一点(对不起,我承认我是肤浅的人),那该多好啊。The characters in this show are especially winsome. I want to carry 紀存希's high-on-helium grandma home. And Anson's always hilarious with his fey antics. Even 陈欣怡's family induces a few laughs, with their unapologetic brash country-bumpkiness. I like. :D Which is why, despite it being 5am, I want to watch more and more and more. 11 episodes in, I can't wait to get through the other half. Tata. :)
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Yes, it is 6am in the morning. Once again, I am sitting in bed, swathed in pillows, with trusty laptop on uhh, my lap. Yeah, this is the life I am more used to leading. So, it has been two days since the end of promos now. It came and ended too quickly, perhaps. Kinda makes me regret not putting in more effort. But since it's over and done with, heck it and pray for good moods to descend upon the markers while chillax-ing like crazy. There are so many things to do that I have a problem deciding where to start ahaha. Oh, the mindtwisting conundrum!- which crappy tw drama should I start on first? Grave matters that require deep though indeed. But first, a recap of Thursday and Friday.

Thursday: Bio, KFC, Wall-E, MRT )

Friday: Bugis )

It is Showtime. )

Whoah, that was surprisingly long. I am a naggy loud-hailer ah soh at heart, shh. The sun is out now. Off to watch more 命中注定爱上你. It is funny how studying makes one sleepy prematurely while slacking delays the lethargy eh. Ok, maybe it is only me. Ciao, anyways.
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For the first time in two weeks, I am home before 6pm. It's a wonderful feeling to have the sun blazing down in your face, to see clear-cut shadows upon scaly cracked leaves, to hear the daytime bustle of noisy nosy aunties and primary school students in white strap-on Bata shoes, to have the day in front you, full of unfull-filled promise. Of things you can do, of things you can say, of things you can watch. That's what I have been lacking recently. The school-week has been one long string of events!&thingstodo!&obligations!&homeworkchasing!. Panic to the n factorial. (!) But the week has been rather great, to admit the truth. Here's why:

Between Two Mondays )

Now, that was an awkward transition. But I have spent long enough on this entry. Today, Grace and I came up with 3 more codenames: Loyfatt, Wobbles and Tadaha. TADAHAHAHAHA. I can hardly keep track of how many we have now haha. Man, we have too much time on our hands. Here's to wasting more, till then.


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