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So I am back, weather-beaten, insect-bitten and all. (That was a rather smart play on words, yeah haha) And I'm in the mood for some long, unadulterated rambling. For five days in Kluang, all thought processes had to be sped up and abbreviated or shelved for there was always something to move onto to, some task to complete, some people to talk to. You were never left alone so perhaps, that's why it was hard to reflect. Looking back on the 5 days, I can't say I didn't make new friends, yet I can't say that I forged deep frenx4evaz bonds either. It was an in-between camp, with some high times, a few low points and quite some meh moments. It was neither too taxing nor too relaxed. It was intermediate and maybe that's why it is hard to describe it now. Perhaps I should start from scratch so something would get chugging in that lazy grey lump.

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Day 5 )

Now this has been long enough. I can't be bothered to make a summary but YLTC was quite an experience to remember. Yeah. I love those times when I bump into S11 people and have short chats with them. Heh. I'm too sleepy to think straight. Till another time. And it's damn heartwarming to find 8 birthday messages within the first 30 minutes of your birthday. :)
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Well, it's 5.30am now and a Happy New Year to you all. Welcome 2007. Hope it'll be a great year for everyone. Hmm January 1st, 2006, didn't seem that long ago when I look back at the old entries. It passed by all too soon for me. Maybe because I took so long to settle in. Let's see, came into 3 Grace knowing only a handful of people. Was lucky enough to get the corner seat in the classroom, with the Math genius Tiffany as my partner, Jia En and Rachel in front, Grace on the other side of Tiffany. We became a group through the pure coincedence of sitting arrangements. Did the class banner, the troublesome but fun Coastal Management project, class discussions and other projects together. Guess that was how we got to be closer. :) Was also lucky enough to get to know Raina better through I&E. As well as Stephenie, Kelly, Jazreen and Cheryl Chern. RoyalTea was fun stuff. Even though our original banner flew off the car roof, had one night to make another, ran out of ingredients during the fair, we laughed it off and pulled through it together. And eventually over the months, got to know other classmates better as well. :D

There was Outward Bound School too. And the New Zealand trip. Those memories are classified as "epochs" and they would be too long to type out. Best enjoyed under the duvet on a rainy Saturday. Argh, think my memory is failing me in other areas though. 2006 is congealed as a chunk of random memories. I can see it flashing through now: Sports Day, Aces Day, Pulau Semaukau, Allie's farewell, Hannah's farewell, the "9 of us" outing, going out with Raina and Grace, spazzing over DBSK with Jia, replying Jasmine's DBSK comments :D, Fish N Co with netballers, being stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam with Grace, doing the electric wave in trainings, eating after training, running into a quarterlife crisis in early 06, Great Eastern Run, many laugh-laugh-laugh-to-tears moments.

Of course, there's the many obsessions that have risen and some fall. Lee Jun Ki, Jonathan Leong, Geraldine See, DBSK(!), Little Miss Sunshine, many animes, Korean dramas, Korean drama leads, various Japanese movies, Studio Ghibli, many different bands, authors like Paul Auster and Kazuo Ishiguro, funny books. Argh, can't think of anymore. Thankfully, this LJ helps to preserve those memories man. And I give up entirely on New Year Resolutions. Out of 5, I could only keep one, which was stop biting my nails. Whoo. Maybe if I have no expectations, I would pleasantly surprise myself. Heheheh..

Hmm bad things? My bad results, perhaps, but they are my own fault anyway. Nothing much to whine about the past year, heheh. Personality change? Not alot. Probably kept more thoughts to myself and rambled more in my head, yeah, but generally still the same lame me. Jia says I should be an animated .gif. -.- I hope I'm not that dramatic. Heh wow, I just realised the last time I posted was a year ago! Sorry, couldn't resist. Timeline jokes are fun (though over-used), eheheh. Zzzz, sleepy. Shall get up earlier tomorrow to attempt my homework for once and for all. Take care dudes!


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