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It has been nearly two weeks since the end of finals. And what a wonderful fortnight it has been. The Cheongs lead insanely exciting lives. On a typical weekday night, you would witness my brother slaying dragons on the PS3, as my sister and I battle it out for the computer, because we both have an imaginary kingdom to rule. On even more adrenaline-pumping nights, we would sit behind silver screens and ogle+goggle+giggle at adorable tufts of fur and dimpled gurgles. That is how time should be spent right? With people you love, doing the little things that you enjoy. Weaseling out of cumbersome outings to catch a (free) movie and ponder about the source of its popularity (Thor. Granted, Loki was magnetic.) Or walk around Orchard with nothing to do and wanting to do everything, and stumbling across a gorgeous shop, with rows and rows of vintage toys and ludicrously painted paperweights. Or simply, hovering over the other's shoulder, commenting about the city layout in Emperor or instinctual high fives when Mongo the next Dogwoggle levelled up to be Level 16 Paladin, with Grandmaster Archery. I am a homebody through and through.

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Tired of typing and itching for some kingdom-ruling. Had my first day as a phone surveyor yesterday, and I am hoping that it would be the last. If my other applications don't work out, I'd be content to be cooped at home, catching up with reading. Then again, I should earn some money. Decisions, decisions, we'll leave them to later, as always. Going to be without Internet for the next two weeks, because I am hoping that good karma will be equivalent to good CAP and will be lending it to my brother as he traipses around Japan. So long, farewell, till June.

river view

Jan. 8th, 2010 06:26 am
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IF YOU WERE WONDERING WHERE I WAS, River View was where I was at. I spent about ten hours building and furnishing that house, how perfectly pathetic, isn't it? The worst (best?) part is that I feel like bulldozing it and starting the construction process all over again. Hehehe Sims 3 is interesting and boring all at the same time. Just today, Jia sent me pictures of 2PM SIMS. Mind-blowing, to say the least. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Alice and Kev, which was a journal chronicling the lives of a homeless family in River View (a town in Sims 3). Romance, family feuds, fights, life struggles,- the story of Alice and Kev has it all. It is quite sad that I have allowed a computer game to control so much of my life, but heck, it is fun while it lasts. So, 2PM Sims and more of the new Kwon house under the cut. :)

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Feb. 28th, 2009 03:12 pm
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It does not matter that you pry open your eyelids and start wondering why there is sunlight streaming through the windows, when it is supposed to be six in the morning. Nor does it matter that you realised that you overslept for three hours and had to get up, get going and get from bed to school in thirty minutes. Neither do minor heartaches, Shaw's pathetic list of movies and showtimes, our own lack of foresight, KFCs crowded with sweaty students, blood-sucking (because money is our parents' 血汗钱, i'm a guai kia) Popular where Cheer Chen's Immortal is retailing at $24.95, coming home to a room devastated by a blitzkrieg of paper planes and all other upsetting things. Because they are nothing, and because there are all the other little beautiful things in life to watch out for. A mother patiently explaining what "audio" meant to her curious little Benjamin, a couple's clasping of hands between conversations as if it is the most natural thing in the world, a strapping fierce-looking student gently pressing the tap for a small boy half his size, a spiffed-up guy tripping over a crack in the pavement and breaking into a sheepish smile. It is during these moments that you realise that life is not going to be all what it is currently made out to be. That there is so much more to come and that sometimes, we are too wrapped up in the present, in the now, that we forget to notice what is ahead. Maybe I'm only typing this to console myself but, for today at least, nothing really matters.

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So that's that and after listening to the FFVIII soundtrack, I wish I could live in Balamb Town. Either there or Fisherman's Horizon. Ahh, it has been too long since those days, when we could plop before the teevee and stare at the screen for hours on end. When we could wander around on chocobos, mingle with Moogles and catch Cactuars without a care for inflation, imaginary numbers (as if I don't have enough trouble with real ones) and endocrine glands. Sigh. I'll stop whining here and get to work soon. Till another time.


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