Aug. 31st, 2008 11:50 pm
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It has been a crazily hectic week. Ending rehearsals at 8pm, having dinners at 9pm, reaching home at 10pm, attempting to start work at 11pm, sleeping at 2am, waking up at 6am and napping at intervals through the day, depending on which lesson it was. Yeah, the days proceeded along in that vein. There were a lot of things to do, yet not exactly. I just didn't have time to do stuff. It was my self-proclaimed 'No-Homework-Week'. The real toil starts now, but stupid foolish me had to be possessed by another obsession: SHINee. Oh lordy lordy. It's Korean-mania all over again. But before we come to that, it is time to recap. :)

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And that was basically how my week went. It was -oh oh, wait for it! here comes the all-encompassing summary- fun. Got to know a few people better this week, one of them being my fellow 'deejay' Mindy. HAHA, the constant shoving of the mike to each other, the cheery 'have a nice day!!' in unison, our propensity to embarrassing things that we think nobody else will notice (think, fighting over things to do in rehearsals, looking through papers to look busy, turning around to hide behind a pillar to avoid being picked for hot seat) simultaneously and bursting into laughter. Hella cool. All the same, I am somewhat glad that TDC is over. Finally, it is time to buckle down and study. Promos are in 17 days. (!) But first, some relaxation yeah.. :)
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Hokay, I have just done it. The PAE registration that is. I went for overkill: NJ Science, NJ Arts, AC Science, AC Arts, IB and SA Science. It should be safe enough. My parents just would not consider IB but to show a bit of spine, I stuck it in anyway. But it's too expensive to be considered as a serious, viable route to further education. 450++ a month? Hurr. Maybe, if I could use dollar notes as a disposable fan. I'll make the best out of what I have. Just need to work my ass off in JC, yeah man. Faito, oh!

Hmm, lemme see, Monday night was prom night. It was fascinating, and a little unsettling, to see everyone dolled up. Everyone seemed so different, painted prettily with make-up, hair carefully teased to perfection and dresses/gowns delicately ruffled. And most looked amazing. Heh, that's what prom is about anyway. Exclaiming surprise, proclaiming admiration, sealing the memory with a click of the shutter. Photo-taking aside, it was boring sometimes. The first band was terrible. The second better, with many people fawning over Nathan Hartono, who was the lead singer. Then came the fun part, some of us went to the front and started dancing? Nah, not exactly, more like jiving along to the music. It was awkward, embarrassing and surprisingly fun, jiving with other giggly people. After a while though, we returned to our table because we got hungry heh. And then, the 'mingling' started. Left at about 11pm then rushed home to watch Grey's Anatomy II. That show is addictive. I LOVE GEORGE O'MALLEY! How can anyone not love his earnest eyes, long lush eyelashes, adorable chocolate ringlets of hair and puppy-like demeanour? It would be a crime to hate him! Dr Cristina Yang is firing off all cylinders, as snappy, as curt and as hilarious as ever. And The Nazi is still as fine as in I. Dr Burke is seriously such a wonderful guy. Hehehehhe. Shall watch more after this post.

Today, Charlene, Aileen, Grace and I went back to play with the juniors. They have all improved so much. We got owned, which is a good thing, if not for the embarrassment factor. But ah well, we all wish the best for them and seeing their huge progress, SC Netball is in safe hands. Played 6, 7 quarters of GD. It was so tiring but tons of fun. Missed netball a great deal this whole year. Soccer is one thing, but netball is another, especially when one is defending. The feeling's different- sprinting to your opponent in a spurt of adrenaline, leaping in front and smacking the ball away with vehemence. Fwahaha, I love that sound. Pity I don't hear it enough. Stayed for dinner. Felly, Abby and Jocelyn came too. The food was really good. Couldn't roll a popiah for nuts though. Hurr, went up to the rooms and 'chit-chatted' with the juniors. And then, off to more netball, street netball this time. We all tired quickly and so, we trooped to Serene, like in the old days. It was a good day. Exhausting, yes- my thighs are aching already- but it made me happy. :)

Ussu, have to wake up at 8am tomorrow. I should just stay awake the way through huh. Till another time.
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Waaaaaaaaah it's the last day of January already. And got school tomorrow! :( Haven't done any of my homework yet. Or revision for tests. Arghhh. Calm before the storm. Then it's wham, wham, WHAM. Hais. Two more months before another break from school. Boooo.

Anyhoo, on a happier note, I watched Fearless with my family yesterday. It's rated NC16 but wah they let me in leh! Heheh don't understand why it's not PG though. The movie was just a bit more violent that's all. Oh well, the show was quite nice! The moves were all damn fast and WHOAH, cool man. The story was quite simple though. But waaaah, I want to be a gongfu master too! Hahaha but cannot lah, so old already. Unless I'm a hidden undeveloped gongfu prodigy! Mwahahaha! :D

Lalala had training today. Got game against Cedar tomorrow. aaahh. Hrumph, have been thinking quite alot about it. Hope everything goes well. :)

Heheh shall go eat my duck rice now. YAY! Haha I looove duck rice maaaan. Wang Li Hom rocks! So does RAIN! HAHAHAHA. I just watched Full House and he is super cute in there! Especially when he smiles. :D:D Heehee! Aiyah kena sidetracked again. Bye!
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Hello. I'm currently on the run from studying again. Ahh.. Fisherman's Horizon is making me nostalgic. I always love this feeling of gauzy vagueness; it is like sitting atop fluffy clouds, looking down on rolling greens and lazy blues. [Hey, don't ask me. Maybe I was an angel in a previous lifetime!] Then I will start drifting and think about my primary schooldays. Okay, that sounds pretty dumb considering that was less than two years ago but somehow, it seems ages away. Prettily veiled and stashed somewhere far in the back of my mind. Fluttering ever so slightly; ever so tantalizingly in the breeze and memories would pop out like Jack in the boxes [Heh. A bird should know what I am talking about. :)]. Ahh, the simple days of childhood. Not that I'm grown up [Ha! The way I act in school sometimes!] but it's just different. It was all about firsts back then, like first Band Twos, first tournaments, first best friends. Ahh.. I miss Nelicia, Joanne, Yi Pei and Erica. They probably have their own lives, and go,"Audrey, who?", but I still think of them sometimes. All the times we did projects together, staying 10am-7pm at Nellie's house doing work, but, of course, Hide And Seek and talking being of more importance. Escape Theme Park. Bowling. Movies. Heh, friendship was so uncomplicated then, without all the artificial tactfulness and gossip. There wasn't any hate or dislike within a friendship, it was chummy. I wish I could go back to those days...

Netball was also stress-free too. Even though Mrs DeSouza screamed alot, she was nice in her own way, [Not saying Miss Puva isn't!]. There was just less expected of everything so life was much easier. [Ain't I a lazy one?] But friends like Syahidah, Atheena, Sihui and Siyi also made trainings a joy too. [Not saying that trainings now isn't a joy! x)] There just wasn't much to worry about. It was all Chinese Chess and the safe predictability of patterned days. Even exams didn't require much studying. At least, I didn't remember mugging two weeks before exams, like now. ARGH.

Okay, I think I have typed enough. Phew. I was never one for such saccharine wistfulness. Gah darn. Guilt has caught up. Shall go mug some more now. Ta.


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