Oct. 2nd, 2011 07:05 pm
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Alas, September has ended. It is time to be woken up, for unimaginative people (a.k.a me) who are akin to paraphrasing an old emo favourite. This preternatural calmness and nonchalance, it should worry me, but it isn't. We will just witness how I crash and burn in the following weeks to come~ Today has been a day of catching with fall tv, what else is new? But the new episodes have left me underwhelmed. HIMYM relies on the same few gags; 2 Broke Girls cashes in (lol!pun) mean-girl-good-girl schtick; Community is smarmy with its self-congratulation and attempts at stinging satires; Glee was... glee-like; New Girl seems to coast entirely on Zooey Deschanel's quirky-clumsy charm. (So adorable though. Especially when she averts her azure gaze and mumbles something incoherent. Or awkward fidgeting in the seat as the sunlight streams upon her mahogany tresses and alabaster skin.. Haha does this make me sound obsessed? Does it!?) Thank goodness for Modern Family and Parks and Recreation! The storylines may not have been as strong, but the characters and relationships are well-established and consistent, making it for delightful half-hours. It is getting harder to watch shows without frowning or clicks of distaste when problematic things are said or insinuated by the characters. And of course, you can enjoy shows without agreeing with the messages they are sending, but the pure joy of loving things wholeheartedly!- that is where the fun is at. And once again, real life is subsumed under reel life. HAHA. I kid. Mostly.

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It is scary to see how days skip away with barely a ripple, like pebbles skimming on the surface of lakes. Plop, plop, and down it sinks, swallowed by the placid stillness. It occurs to me that I speak too much in metaphors. Probably because it is much easier to hide under. Or I'm just dressy like that, cue finger-snap, ouh burn! I do not know why I just typed that.. Week 5 has just ended, and oh me, oh my, I have barely begun on assignments. But there is still time. Hopefully. These are the best days; these are the days that I want to remember while splayed supine on the couch, counting the number of cow-like clouds. My heart has wandered down its own path, and I haven't got the guts to face up to it. We will leave it to time once again! The only solution for everything.

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Last month, two good friends flew back to Australia. Today, another flew off to the States. Next week, my forced-twin will have ended her summer vacation, and be on her way as well. Maybe it is the music, but I am awash in melancholy at this very moment. There was something casual, yet steadfast, about these friendships. The banter, the jokes, the laughs- they unspooled readily and fluidly. Months could pass, but things would still be effortless and unchanging. As the days get more confusing and hectic, it is easy to be thankful for such unassuming company.

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There has been plenty of doing, less of thinking during the last few weeks of vacation. Spasms of social activity: our last-gasp attempts at salvaging as many fond memories as possible. In the span of about two weeks, I have watched... three movies, with a fourth coming up soon. I have karaoke-d twice, with a possible third rolling around the corner. I have gone shopping with my family more times as compared to the past half year. Very plebeian methods of whiling away time, yes, but familiar is unassuming, and unassuming is comforting. Having said that, I am genuinely anticipating the start of the new school term. Given my ill discipline, structure and direction would do me some good. Modules look interesting as well. This semester will be the difference!

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The past fortnight has been high, high, into the sky. Looking back, I wonder where I mustered all my energy from. Union Camp 2011 passed by in a delirious blur of cheers, laughter, and games. Surviving on two to three hours' of sleep per day was no joke. But overall, it was a good experience. Got to know many new people, talking crap, stirring shit, the frivolous banalities that are condoned because it is a camp. The process of thawing friendships never fails to be interesting as well, as people chip away at the distance with exaggerated expressions, bad jokes, and general niceness. When in doubt, just spam questions!! HAHAHA. I like getting to know someone from scratch, the synching of wavelengths: trying to figure out their nuances, their style of humour, their ways of thinking about the world. Time will tell whether things will last anyway.

Along the way, Sarah and I rushed from camp to soccer and back again on different days. Saturday was scurrying to dance class with my sister, after a full thirteen hours' of sleep. Sunday was meeting up with I:)EAS after a unbelievably long time. Monday was soccer again. Tuesday was a breather that gave much-needed solace. Wednesday was soccer and muay thai. Thursday was matriculation fair day, which was basically being chummy to everybody, because you wanted time to pass as quickly as possible. Today was family time and soccer, tomorrow will be Lax, Sunday will be Imba. Taking it one day at a time. Life is good. What more can I ask for?


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