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And life never bothers to stop in its tracks. Instead, it careens on at full speed, burning acrid rubber and leaving broken bits of tyres behind. Common Tests are over. Investiture is over. And now what- which station have we screeched into now? There is an uncountable number of pitstops along this trail, but I was never good at reading diagrams and lines intersecting with circles. Besides, isn't it ever more romantic to bolt past the automated doors and bound happily into sparkling sunsets? Unfortunately, romance and reality run on parallel tracks and all you can do is to greedily plaster your nose close to the windowpanes and stare/glare at the carriage opposite. Maybe somewhere in the future the two paths will converge, but for now, it is time to crank that rusty accelerator and power fullsteam ahead. Hopefully, the wheels won't start coming apart. And I gotta admit that I will miss the 41st more than expected. :/ Seabear songs are the best songs to listen to while recollecting the days of gangsta inclinations, stomach-splitting laughter and being on the mooove~ (if you know what I mean.) What we have left now is what we once were.

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There are only three more days before school reopens. The holidays have really gone past in a flash. It is scary to see time careening reinless and rash into the unknowable future. Somehow, though these days have been packed achockful of activities, there is always space left for breathing, time to perambulate peacefully across silted gold. But, there is little one can do about sandcastles by the shore, except to build them up again, so hold on to those plastic buckets, toy spades and sandwich flags. I am morbidly interested to see how crazy 2009 can get.

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One major downer this week is that I haven't been to any trainings. Desaru took three days away, Orientation packing swallowed yesterday and walk-in rehearsal wolfed today down. However needy and dependent it may sound, life does feel a little empty without them. Can't wait for tomorrow. I got so desperate that I started kicking a shuttlecock around in the hall today. There are times when one has to choose, I know, but knowing that does not make the choice any easier. Ah well, time to do homework now. Toodaloo~

有时候有时候 我会相信一切有尽头
相聚离开都有时候 没有什么会永垂不朽
可是我有时候 宁愿选择留恋不放手
等到风景都看透 也许你会陪我看细水长流
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There is only about one hour left of 2008. It has been a heck of a ride.

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Because it is hard to encapsulate the essence of a year lived in short paragraphs, I shall stop attempting to do so. After all, I have over 120 posts to fall back on, should my memory malfunction at some point. Besides, facing forward should be the way to go from here on. Resolutions: #1 actually do homework and study, damnit; #2 stick to my guns and articulate; #3 believe in belief. Ten minutes before the grand old dame is out the door. Till another time then, and have a happy new year! :)
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It has been an eventful few days. Christmas was not that much fun though. But it was never a big deal in the first place, so it did not bother me very much. I watched Australia with my sister that day. It is rare to catch a sweeping epic love story in the present day. Tragedy, romance, sacrifice, villains, these conventional plot markers were included and capitalised on to the max. Nulla was captivating, Drover embodied rougish charm and Fletcher was the worst type of villain ever- the calculative businessman, where money meant everything and who could be counted upon to do anything and everything for profits and power. Add the lush landscapes, big budget for special effects and whizzbangings, exoticism, heavyweight acting and you got a pretty dang good show. The real fun started after Christmas though.

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Time to go for training now. Till another time.


Dec. 15th, 2008 11:27 pm
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Two words to sum the week up: status quo.

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Peace out. :)


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