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It has been a while since the last post. I am tired of going out, of hauling myself out of bed at 7am, of spending money on set lunches and brownies- money I could have otherwise saved up for the 2009 Big Bang calendar, of having my schedule dictated by obligations and conscience. It is not shaping out to be the holidays that I had imagined. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing. What I need now, though, is a little break from people and maybe, a dash of dramas or two. I miss trainings with the rest.

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Time to scout for new music, tataaa.


Nov. 6th, 2008 07:52 pm
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And the boredom strikes again! It is funny how holidays play out. There are clearly many things to do- watch this anime, hunt for that show,- but somehow, you can never muster enough energy to do it. That's right, no energy to slack and one ends up doing something else, something unprecedented. I guess, in a way, that reflects the spontaneity of life. The fluidity of time that allows it to conform itself to the vessel of activity. And so, I take the liberty to procastinate writing about Amelie once again. That and studying for the SATs, reading the 3 books that I had hungered for so long, editing Ideas' proposals, catching up on lost Time (the magazine, good pun??) drawing up a comprehensive homework list and striking off the bullet points one by one, to do this very meaningless meme, stolen off Emily's blog. Hehehe. My days are so empty without trainings..

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Last words before I log off: Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin look so good together! The World That They Live In has the one of the best-looking Korean screen couples ever. SHG is gorgeous. Lublubxx. Till then~ :)

get smart

Nov. 3rd, 2008 12:26 am
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Because I am bored. Because I am lazy to think. Because I am escaping from rehearsing my "Good morning ladies and gentlemen" schtick. Because I am back-dated. Because I am obiang, old-fashioned, ulu, wols, n00b, [insert similar expressions here]. That's why-, kthxbye!

1. Melinda
2. Tiffany
3. G-Dragon (too cool for school)
4. Jane
5. Mylene (not seem like, but IS)
6. Sheryl Teo
7. Zelei
8. Daesung (HAHA dumb & dumberrr)
9. Dilys
10. Audrey Ho
11. Subha (HAHA with Asian idols especially, please)
12. Cate Blanchett.
13. Natalie
14. Audrey Ho/Leena
15. Tweety (Especially in long flowing Oriental garments and butterfly pins HAHA)
16. Jie Ling
17. Dilys
18. Audrey Ho/C (HEEHEE.)
19. Yi Tong
20. North
21. ?
22. ?
23. Mylene
24. Leena (AHHH~~, killer glare)
25. Vanessa S
26. HAHA impossible.
27. Emily
28. Shiyun (FRANKIEEE! Or even better, as his sidekick in hotshots and square hair hahaha)
29. C? :D
30. You got p'unked.
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I have gone on a sudden rampage of peronality tests. It's kind of fun actually. Heh. I love no-brainer activities. I have been staying up late these few days. Writing out Christmas cards and watching TVB serials. I'm going to miss this lazy and carefree lifestyle man. School resumes in about 10 days, GLOOM and DOOM looms. Heheheh so lame! I can't believe I'm actually amused at my own 'jokes'. Sure makes for a good time-killer. Wah seh I'm so boliao can!!? Hahahaha.. Shall go back to taking more quizzes. So far, they have established I act like a 16-year-old, have an IQ of 138, 70% weird, 80% male and am French food. I guess I take all these tests and post them to remind the future me how I was before. Yeah, wonder how I am like in 10 years. Well hello there 25-year-old Audrey! Am I still as lazy as ever? As crazy? Do I still keep things to myself? Hmm okay this is very weird. Update later, wheee.

Jie-jie is watching a confusing Korean movie. Korean, can you believe it? She never watches anything Korean? And she hasn't made fun of me all night. Hmm she's scaring me. :/ Ok much better, she just proclaimed her love for Luo Zhi Xiang again. Normal. :)


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