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Hi. It has been a while. Too long. The words are wedged in my throat, dessicated and scratchy. What a pity: just a week ago, they were stretching and ricocheting about like noisy, messy Catherine wheels. Bah-dah-dum! Insert vague statement about how things change and stay the same. Done. And now what? They say that the best way to distill your heart's purest intentions is to let your fingers gallop forth over the keypads like wild stallions. Who says? I don't know, but they are right. The monitor is darkened, the keypads are illuminated, my fingers are tangoing with the neon-lit skeletons of alphabets. And it is refreshing. Bon Iver is on eternal loop, because don't you know? He has collected the sorrows from aching marrows, turned them into tensile strings to pluck at, and coated them with the viscous ennui that is his voice. His songs are forests pregnant with fog that you dream about on stormy nights. And bah-dah-dum! again, a deluge of adjectives to mask the banality of thoughts.

I don't know why I sound so morose when typing. They say that just as how clothes make a man, the music makes a mood. Who says again? I need to congratulate them for getting it right again and have them delete my iTunes library. The truth is that I have plenty to be thankful for. The past fortnight has been spectacular (but bear in mind, the relativity of scales). I will leave the recollections to the later part, so that I can go to sleep with a smile and toasty heart. But for now, sjposkpsojlakkj. There are so many things that I cannot readily admit to. The simplest things tend to be the hardest to confess. Let's try one: I want so many things that everybody seems to possess or find without effort. I want, I want, I want...! That took long enough, but even then, the darkness would not cloak my desires from self-criticism. Why those wants, why should you allow them to control you, why should it matter to the construction of your identity, why are you wasting so much time on something that is futile & trite & insignificant!?? Faced with these questions, the me with wrangled hands and wrinkled heart cannot answer. The swollen silence bullies me into a corner; I can only stare downwards meekly, and scruff fantasies into the dirt. It would be nice to take a holiday from my mind once in a while.

But enough is enough. Time to inject the atmosphere with some adrenaline-poppin' muuuuuzique! Lights on, everybadi dance nau! Two weeks, two weeks, what did I do in two weeks? For one, it was Chinese New Year, raise the roof y'all! But to go in chronological order: 17th January, Tuesday = lunch with Sarah and Sherryeo. Damn, did I miss my fave Korean. It is great that we could still talk for hours like before, about evil coaches in secondary school, inferiority complexes, her Serena-Blair dynamic haha and others. After that, self-training with Ememe and Choobs under the scorching sun. Milled around for a while, before heading to Clementi Mall to treat Friend #2 to some soyabean 冰淇凌 and judge toddlers on their relative adorableness. :O Wednesday = a complete blank, except for training. Thursday = 2220 lecture, lunch with Yaya \o/ who is forever delightful with her theatrical modes of expression, 2213 lecture. After that, dinner and dessert with the Social Theory samurais HAHA, which involved nerding (mostly complaining) about modules, exclaiming excitedly over candy-coloured kitchenware, squatting outside Daily Scoop like the genteel ladies that we are, swopping stories about HDBs that were DONE after being built to six storeys haha and lafinglafinglafing. :) Friday the 20th = visiting SY with NJSG, geeking out to the horrendously dramatiques of Channel 8 dramas, eating and eating M&Ms, forcing oolala stories out of one another. Then, heading to YMCA for... breakfast food. -_- It was nice enough, despite the caterwauling band in the background. After, losing our minds with our hair and the re-appearance of The Goddess and Nano Juniors. Forever and always :')

The next day, Saturday the 21st= waking up at 7am and hauling myself to Bishan for YJ's birthday photoshoot. I can't believe we all packed so many outfit changes hahaha. Trying on silly props, hamming it up, making fun of each other, gah, same ole times. Has it already been 2 years since I was in that magenta uniform? Yikes, Time is unconquerable. Headed to Sembawang Shopping Centre for lunch and Teo Heng, which meant initially going crazy with the scream-singing, dubious dancing, percussion playing, before settling into a soporific haze of ballads sung supine, heh. A long, long dinner at Aston's before finally heading home. Full-day excursion, haven't had that in a while.

Following that was CNY eve, wowhee! Reunion dinner was a buffet, which meant stalking chefs and waiters with fresh trays of salmon, tilting heads to signal impatience, and fumbling through dinner conversation with Sae-chan. It was such a tiring struggle to understand and be understood, heh. Headed to the temple and squeezed like the busybody Singaporeans we were through the Chinatown market. Sister stayed over, so it was the good ole times of doing absolutely nothing in the middle of the night. :) Blazed through 30 Rock and Glee as well. Because of that, it was tough to get up the next morning. CNY Day 1 was pretty much the standard CNY. All the food, they had to be eaten!! We were too stuffed to move, so headed home to.. do nothing once again = play Scramble obsessively and mutual discovery of iPhone functions. \o/ These days are too rare now. CNY Day 2 was a dimsum lunch, which led to the unbuckling of belts again, and fruitless shopping at Orchard the ghost town. Headed over to sister's place to relaxxx, watch bad TV, and challenge each other at Scramble HAHA. Met Friend #2 at Kovan, which led to a funny and confused 45-minute walk through a trellis of sprawling houses, Wonderland vines, and shooting stars on trees, to Chomp Chomp... which was CLOSED. Not to mention, the wrong identification of CC, HAHA. AYGTTM. Indian rojak <3 before heading back to laze more with da sibz.

So that was CNY. The next day was an abrupt descent into reality. EL tut, 2222 tut were relaxing enough though. Lunch with Melins, before training, and then, dinner at Clementi = fail attempt at Humming Broken Telephone haha. Thursday the 26th was 2220 + 2213 lecture. In between that, lunch at Bruce Lee Cafe with Yaya and Min Li, whom we ran into at the entrance. It is always nice to have social worlds overlap, especially when one is surrounded with bountiful food and decent ambiance. :) HTC = Hard To Connect haha, and ML's stories about Grenoble, wahh. Headed to town with Bilys and Hubae while perfecting my Janice impersonation to raise Bilys' goosebumps haha. Browsed around for presents = getting distracted by anything shiny, nodding approval at too-many items, dinner on a shoestring budget, settling 2 presents in 3 hours BOOYAH! We can achieve~ Friday the 27th was Bara's party at Swiss Club. That was hella fun, especially hanging around Chiou, shooting the breeze like the witty marksmen we are (we hope), "PUSSAY PATROL" & twat tunnel & minge machine hahaha. Good food, good company, good party- Bara was the perfect hostess. Man, has she blossomed into a elegant lady. :) The weekend was spent lounging around with da sibz. Sister flew back today after a full month, and it is strange not to have her presence around the house now. Roll with it, roll with it. Today was a decent day. Lunch with Pingeon and Dorc today, a fun-filled (voiceless bilabial fricative!) phonetics lecture with boojae, and training with plenty of diving around. Heh.

So yes, after a roundabout route, the bottom-line is that I am happy, the days have been splendid, I have no weal behind my woes, is there a way to divorce brains?. What an uneven and scattered post, bleargh. This is laziness does to you: it eats up your thoughts and leaves its fetid waste behind, so that all you can see is a miasma of toxic gas and self-abasement. I stumbled upon an acquaintance's writing journal the other day, and whoa, she actually updates it every single day. How nice it must be, to have endless streams of musings bubbling through the valleys of your mind.. To pause at a babbling brook, reach down and scoop palmfuls of pellucid thoughts, and admire the sheen of gossamer letters rising to the surface. To feel that ah, the way these words are glinting in the sunlight, that is you, you, and all of you. It must be heavenly, because in that three-dimensional kingdom conjured by two-dimensional ink, you are god.



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